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are you now   OB104
Whisper in My Ear  OB103
Long Journey Home  OB102
The Boy Who Wanted to Talk to Whales  OB101
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Prices: in Canadian dollars
Tapes:   $5.00 plus tax & shipping
CDs: $17.00 plus tax & shipping

Number of Tapes@$ 5.00 ________
Number of CDs@$17.00 ________
SUBTOTAL ________
GST in Canada add 5% ________
Shipping: first Tape or CD add $4.50___
Each additional @ $4.00 each ________
TOTAL ________

Send: US 0r Canadian Money Order (or personal cheque)
made payable to: Otter Bay Productions
Otter Bay Productions
PO Box 72041
Vancouver, BC  Canada  V6R 4P2

                released October 2008...       

OB 105    Like Light Off Water ________
Number of CDs@$15.00 ________
GST in Canada add 5% ________
Shipping: one CD add $3.50___
Each additional @ $3.00 each ________
TOTAL ________

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Daphne Marlatt, Robert Minden, Carla Hallett: Like Light Off Water
Also Available at iTunes and Amazon

recordings: Otter Bay Productions