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statue, Santa Cruz California  © photo: r.minden


      The name of this website "LostSound" pays tribute to Thomas Jefferson Scribner. During the 1970's and into the 80's you would find him playing the musical saw on the streets of Santa Cruz, California. The lost sound is how he described the sweet, forgotten voice of the carpenter's hand saw which he learned as a young boy on Vaudeville in 1910 . If you visit the city centre mall in Santa Cruz today you will find a remarkable bronze sculpture of Tom Scribner crafted by Marghe McMahon in 1978. It is an uncanny likeness of him playing the "lost sound" and stands as celebration of a passionate life as a worker, labour organizer, lumberjack, writer and folk musician.

                                                                             © photo: r.minden





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sounds on this site are derived from acoustic sources selected from the recordings
of the Robert Minden DUO & Ensemble
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