What Is Your Name -songs from somewhere else

“… a lush and inventive piece of work by two imaginative and seasoned sonic explorers .”


11 story-based songs, quiet musings, soulful and experimental. The album, an unusual mix of familiar and unfamiliar sound sources, defies conventional musical genres. The songs connect hidden emotional realities concealed in the narrative of adoption and otherness.

Recorded in sound studios in Vancouver, Banff and Toronto, Minden & Hallett’s music illuminates an evocative world with carefully layered acoustic arrangements. The listener travels through an unexpected soundscape interspersed with the sweet-toned musical saw, the whale-like watery calls of waterphones, and breathy blown tuned glass bottles – like a music from an imagined place. Hallett’s intimate, delicate vocals are sensitive in timbre and resonance. And the songs speak with a quiet, rebellious intensity.

“Sumptuous and calming and infused with a sombre radiance


“Little Green Secrets”, What Is Your Name -minden & hallett

What Is Your Name songs from somewhere else

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